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Use the below links to download the Revit-ADAPT link.


Revit Structure 2016 ADAPT Link v2 – updated February 8, 2016
Please follow the instructions in this email to download and install the bi-directional integration link between Autodesk Revit Structure 2016 and ADAPT-Builder 2015.
What’s new in this version of the Link:
  • We’ve added a new feature to filter which Revit levels should be exported to ADAPT. Your options include:
    • None – all layers are exported.
    • Structural – only layers that are tagged as structural are exported.
    • Active – only layers that are associated with at least one component in Revit are exported.
This feature is quite useful and eliminates the need to clean up the model once in ADAPT. We recommend the Active filter option.
Instructions to install Revit 2016 ADAPT Link:
  • Uninstall any previous version of the 2016 link on your computer
  • This link can run parallel to a Revit 2015 installation
  • Make sure Revit 2016 is already installed on your computer
  • Download the installation file using the link below
  • Unzip and run the RevitLink_2016_x64_121615.exe file
  • The Revit ADAPT link only works on 64 bit computers
How to launch Link:
  • You must run Revit as Administrator the first time you want to use the Link
  • To run Revit as Administrator, use the right-click mouse option when selecting the Revit icon and pick the Run as Administrator option – this step gives the plugin the required access rights to the Autodesk data folders
  • You should only have to open Revit as Administrator once
  • Once Revit is open, you will find the ADAPT Link’s Import and Export options under the Analyze tab
Installation file for 64-bit computers:
Please contact our support team at if you have any questions.
ADAPT Product Team