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Use the links below to download Builder. Please be aware that if you are trying to upgrade your software, your license will only work for the same versions that you are currently running. For example, if you are licensed for Builder 2014 you will only be able to use the 2014 versions. If you have Software Maintenance and want to upgrade to a newer version you will have to contact us for a license upgrade.


Software Download Instructions for ADAPT-Builder 2015
Use the links below to download the latest release of ADAPT-Builder 2015 and its supporting documentation. This build 3 maintenance release was created on February 19, 2016.


The Builder 2015 installation file includes the following programs:
– ADAPT-Modeler
– ADAPT-Edge
– ADAPT-Floor Pro
– Dynamic Rebar Design Module
– PT Shop Drawing Module

Your license configuration will determine which options are available.


Builder 2015 is a significant release with major enhancements that will improve your workflow in the areas of preliminary design, integrated lateral/gravity design, and detailed design. A summary of key enhancements includes:

  • Tributary-based load take down for vertical members that supports rapid preliminary sizing of columns, transfer levels and foundations in addition to providing an alternative load path to the elastic 3D FEM solution.
  • Improved options for combining global gravity and lateral analysis results with single-level analysis runs.
  • Expanded ability to define multiple stiffness profiles for the same model.
  • Improved save speed by over 75x.
  • Added flexibility for fully customizable reinforcement libraries.
  • Ability to group and manage columns in a model through newly created Design Groups.
  • Integrated column design and code check (requires separate license).
  • Enhanced options for the import and management of multiple DWG/DXF files in same model.
  • Display of analysis results in model view.
  • New graphical display of design results along design strips clearly showing design limits and other key data.
  • Shading option for model that enhances visualization.
  • View complete feature log

WHAT’S NEW IN build 1 

Builder 2015 build 1 is s significant maintenance release that addresses 39 items, including:

  • Windows 10 compatibility for computers that are upgraded from Windows 7 or 8. We are still working on full compatibility with native Windows 10 computers. 
  • Updated documentation accessible through the Help menu.
  • Improved Automatic Save and backup option.
  • Ability to model and analyze inclined columns as braces.
  • Autodesk Revit 2016 import & export link (please contact support to request separate download)

WHAT’S NEW IN build 2 

Builder 2015 build 2 is now completely Windows 10 compatible and includes several enhancements for tributary based load take down when using slanted columns.

WHAT’S NEW IN build 3 

Build 3 includes two fixes:


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If you have already updated your license (USB security key or soft license) to 2015, you can follow the download instruction below.

If you have NOT updated your security key to 2015, follow the Licensing instructions below.

Please note that you need to uninstall any previous version before installing a newer version.

Setup for 32bit computers running with Vista or Win 7:

Setup for 64bit computers running with Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10 64bit:


Getting Started Guide:

Toolbar Quick Reference Guide:

Criteria Settings Reference Guide:

ADAPTSupport YouTube Channel:


ADAPT-Builder 2015 programs will not run using a 2012 license.

If you do not have a license for ADAPT-Builder 2015, please contact ADAPT ( to upgrade your existing license or purchase new licenses.

This program will run in Evaluation (DEMO) mode for 15 days if it does not detect a proper license.

Thank you for using ADAPT-Builder 2015.

ADAPT Product Development Team