Technical Notes PT

ADAPT – PT 2010 Deflection Calculation Example

TN361 – Basics of Long-Term Deflections

TN209 – Indian Code Implementation in ADAPT Software

TN357 – Design of Non-Prestressed Members of Structures that Include Prestressing Elements

Punching Shear Stress Check and Reinforcement Design Based on ACI Code

TN191 – Punching Shear Calculations according to ACI – 318 in ADAPT-PT

TN217 – Cracking Moments and Design Strength of Post-Tensioned Members

TN227 – Serviceability of Post-Tensioned Members Based on European Code

TN175 – Implementation of European Code

TN310 – Implementation of Deflection With Allowance for Flexural Cracking in ADAPT-PT

TN349 – Determination of Cracking Moment in ADAPT-PT and Floor Pro

TN351- Calculation of Cracked Deflection in ADAPT-PT and Floor Pro

TN352 – Implementation of Cracking Moment and Determination of Ieff in ADAPT-Builder Platform programs

TN338 – Temperature Effects in Multi-story Buildings

TN336 – Design of Floor System for Seismic Forces

TN331 – ACI 318-08 Code Requirements for Design of Concrete Floor Systems

TN326 – Minimum Precompression in Post-Tensioned Members

TN303 – Deflection Check of Post-Tensioned Floor Systems

TN292 – Deflection of Concrete Floor Systems for Serviceability

TN290-Vibration Design of Concrete Floors for Servicability

TN259 – Hong Kong Code Implementation (COP HK 2004 with June 2007 Amendments)

TN242 – Crack Mitigation Design Example for Post-Tensioned Floors

TN241 – Shortening Calculation of Post-Tensioned Floor Systems

TN232 – Structural Detailing for Non-Prestressed Reinforcement in Post-Tensioned Floor Systems

TN179 – Design of Post-Tensioned Members in Bending Using ACI 318 Simplified Procedure

TN178 – Strain Compatibility for Design of Prestressed Sections

TN172 – Guidelines for the Execution of ADAPT-PT

TN118 – Structural Modeling of Two-Way Post-Tensioned Slabs Over Interior Wall Supports

TN118A – Structural Modeling of Two-Way Post-Tensioned Slabs Over Interior Wall Supports

Strength Evaluation of Existing Post-Tensioned Beams and Slabs

TN157 – Structural Modeling of Post_Tensioned Members

Calculation of Long-Term Deflection and Deflection Due to Live Load

Load Balancing: A Comprehensive Solution to Load Balancing

Hyperstatic (Secondary) Actions in Prestressing and their Computation

Guidelines for the Design of Post-Tensioned Concrete Floors

Cracked Deflection Calculation in ADAPT-PT

Unified Minimum Flexural Reinforcement Requirements for Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Members

Nonprestressed Bonded Reinforcement in Post-Tensioned Concrete Building Design

Structural Modeling and Analysis of Concrete Floor Slabs