Example Models & Tutorials PT

The following is a list of model examples and written tutorials.  Note that WordPress does not support certain file types.  All models below will be formatted with a .doc extension and in parentheses the file extension that it must be saved as in order to open or a .zip/.rar extension for compressed files.  Some tutorials may be too large to post as a .doc or .pdf.  In this case, they will be posted as .zip/.rar compressed files. Note that if no parenthesized text is shown, the document can be opened or saved as is.

ADAPT-PT2010 Tutorial – SI units

ADAPT-PT2010 Tutorial – MKS units

ADAPT-PT2010 Tutorial – US units

This model, Skip Joist-PT (save as .adb), shows how to model a skip joist system in ADAPT-PT.  It includes non-prismatic geometry and the modeling of thickened beam regions as the transverse beams.