Known Bugs & Limitations IC

[1/20/10] Importing Revit model to ADAPT-Floor Pro
In some cases columns and walls above slab are not shown when Revit model is imported in ADAPT-Floor Pro. If columns are modeled with a reference of same level with an offset, ADAPT doesn’t import those. The user has to make sure that the levels are properly defined and columns and walls above are spanning between Level (n+1) and Level n.

[4/10/10] Working with Revit Link 2009 with Revit Structures 2010 / Windows 64 bit systems
Revit Link 2009 program is compatible with 64 bit OS as well as for Revit 2010. However the setup for Revit Link is not compatible as it doesn’t work in 64 bit OS and search for only Revit Structures 2009 installed in that computer.

Hence one can copy the installed directory manually from a 32 bit OS computer to the computer which having 64 bit OS. Alternatively you can download the (this link will download a file named as, remove the .doc extension to rename it as Extract this zip in a folder say C:\Program Files\ADAPT-Revit Link.

Next issue is the INI file. Since setup couldn’t take care of it one has to manually edit REVIT.INI file (irrespective of Revit 2009 or 2010) [ExternalCommands] section to do the following:

  1. Change ECCount value. Simply add 2 with the existing.
  2. Now edit the EC details as follows. If the new value of ECCount becomes 10, then the end part of ECCount section would look as follows:
ECAssembly9=C:\Program Files\ADAPT-Revit Link\AdaptRevitLink.dll
ECName9=Send Model to ADAPT...
ECDescription9=Export to ADAPT...
ECAssembly10=C:\Program Files\ADAPT-Revit Link\AdaptRevitLink.dll
ECName10=Import Model from ADAPT...
ECDescription10=Import from ADAPT...

The numbers as mentioned above with in bold and blue are dependant on the ECCount value as mentioned in #1.

Since step 2 is little complex, you may please write us to with your specific situation and attache REVIT.INI file.

To uninstall we need to simply delete the ADAPT Revit Link directory. And undo the change in REVIT.INI file.

As mentioned Revit Link 2009 works with Revit 2010. If one uninstalled Revit 2009 and installed Revit 2010 or installed Revit 2009 and 2010 in the same system, then once REVIT.INI file for 2009 is take care of, he can installed the REVIT.INI from Revit 2009 to Revit 2010 program directory. But please keep in mind there is no other plug-ins or those are installed for Revit 2010 in the same sequence. Otherwise open existing REVIT.INI for Revit 2010 and take care of it for ADAPT Revit Link without installing it again. So simple follows step 1 and 2 for a new computer and step 2 only where the Link was working with Revit 2009.