ADAPT-IC and Revit Link

The program integrates with the following third party programs and file formats:

  • Autodesk® REVIT® Structure 2010: 1:1 bi-directional integration with physical model including loads, reinforcement can be imported back into REVIT®
  • ETABS: importgeometry lateral and gravity loads including load cases
  • Staad.Pro: import a Staad model incl. geometry and gravity loads
  • Import and export of DWG/DXF files

ETABS Integration with ADAPT-Builder Platform

ADAPT-Builder Platform supports an open data exchange scheme. The data exchange scheme allows the lateral analysis (wind, seismic) solutions obtained from other programs to be exported to the Builder Platform for the combination of gravity and lateral analysis of floor systems and beam frames. For the more common lateral analysis programs, such as ETABS*, the data exchange feature is integrated within the Builder program.

You can import an ETABS v9.0.2 solution directly into the ADAPT-Floor-Pro or MAT modules of the Builder Platform from their pull-down menus. Similar import options are being implemented for several other commercially available programs. Since the format of the data exchange files are available to the users, you can also create your own routine to export data to the Builder Platform.

Options for exporting lateral loads to the Builder Platform:

  • The first option is direct import of data through menu items integrated within the Floor-Pro program. Currently, this option is available for ETABS.
  • The second option is that you extract the lateral loads at the ends of the walls and columns from a solution obtained using other programs, and enter them as input data to Floor-pro program. Once entered in Floor-Pro, you can view and edit the loads. This option gives you immediate access to combination of lateral and gravity analysis regardless of the program or method you use for your lateral design. It is particularly suited for the cases, where the lateral design is performed manually.
  • In the third option, you can use the “Lateral Data Exchange” file of the Builder platform. In this option, you can write a routine (program) to convert the solution of your lateral analysis in the format of Builder’s Lateral Data Exchange file. Then call this file directly from the Floor-Pro program. Alternatively, you can manually generate the Lateral Data Exchange file that has a well defined text format.

* ETABS is developed and marketed by Computers and Structures Incorporated in Berkeley, Ca.