Known Bugs & Limitations FELT

[7/9/10] Opening files created from FELT v4.07 in FELT v4.09 (Fixed for FELT 2011)
When you open a file created in v4.07 in v4.09 and either press the “Geometry” tab or select the green arrow to continue with the input wizard, the program will crash citing a run-time error.  The workaround is to either skip any geometry revisions in the user interface and executing the analysis directly.  You can make modifications using the “Material” and “Criteria” tabs.  If you need to revise geometry you can open the .FLT file and manually revise geometry input.

This will be repaired for the upcoming release of FELT 2011.  Note that this version will be compatible with 32/64-bit systems and Windows 7.

[4/10/10] Working with PULT and FELT in Windows XP 64 bit OS (FELT 2011 is compatible with XP, VISTA and W7 OS 32 and 64-bit)
The installer for ADAPT-PULT and ADAPT-FELT are basically 16 bit, hence it is not possible to install these programs in Windows 64 bit OS. However there is a work-around. User can use the setup to install either of both the program(s) in a system with Windows XP 32 bit OS. Then copy the installed directory from this system and paste it in some location of the system with Windows XP 64 bit OS. Remeber, you need to obatin valid license from ADAPT and copy it in the directory as instructed. Once done, user need to create short cut to access the program manully and run in Windows XP 64 bit OS.

[4/10/10] Compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7  (FELT 2011 is compatible with XP, VISTA and W7 OS 32 and 64-bit)

ADAPT-PULT and ADAPT-FELT are not compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS. However there will be a version very soon which will install and enable to run the program(s) for both 32 bit and 64 bit OS systems.