Builder Technical Notes

Calculating Deflection
Due to Live Load


Generic Import/Export


Hyperstatic Actions in


Procedure for Creating
Concrete Outlines


Tendon and Strand


TN4 – Strength Evaluation
of Existing PT Beams/Slabs


TN175 – Implementation of
European Code


TN179 – Design of Post-Tensioned
Members in Bending ACI 318-2002


TN182 – Design Process


TN192 – Punching Shear Calculations
ACI 318


TN209 – Indian Code Implementation


TN215 – Basic Information Requirements
for Preliminary Design


TN227 – Serviceability of Post-Tensioned
Members (European Code)


TN232 – Detailing Non-Prestressed
Reinforcement in PT Floor Systems


TN242 – Crack Mitigation Design
Example for Post-Tensioned Floors


TN255 – Treatment of Beams in
ADAPT-Floor Pro (Structural and Architectural)


TN261 – Sign Conventions in
ADAPT-Builder Software


TN271 – Design of Vertical Shear
in Transfer Plates


TN290 – Vibration Design of
Concrete Floors for Serviceability


TN302 – Evaluation of Design Values
at Design Sections Using ADAPT-Builder


TN305 – Components of Torsion in
Design Sections


TN316 – Forces and Stresses in
Finite Element Cells of ADAPT-Builder


TN328 – Design for Twisting Moments
in ADAPT-Floor Pro (Wood Armer Method)


TN338 – Temperature Effects in
Multi-story Buildings


TN343 – ACI 318 Code Interpretations
of Span-to-Deflection Ratios


TN352 – Cracking Moment and Determination
of Ieff in ADAPT-Builder


TN362 – Result Verification of Design
Values in Comparison to CSI Safe


TN404 – Shear Design in
Floor Slabs


TN421 – Allowable Stress in Prestressed Concrete & Guidelines for Compliance


Cost Benefit Analysis PT vs RC


Guidelines for Design of
Concrete Floors


Nonprestressed Bonded Reinforcement
in PT Building Design


Punching Shear Stress Check and
Reinforcement Design ACI


Tendon Modeling in FEM


TN60 – Data Exchange Basics
for Lateral Loading


TN176 – Skipping and Reduction
of Live Load


TN180 – Stress Check and Rebar
Verification (SI)


TN184 – Mesh Density and Accuracy
of Design Values


TN201 – Nonprestressed Bonded
Reinforcement in PT Building Design


TN211 – British Code Implementation


TN220 – Post-Tensioned Waffle/Joist
Slab Construction


TN228 – Design of Flanged Beams Using
Finite Elements


TN237 – Design of Slab Regions at
Wall Supports


TN243 – Crack Mitigation Design of a
Post-Tensioned Multistory Building


TN257 – Comparison Example Between
Designs from Srip Method and Finite Elements


TN266 – Extraction of Forces in Beams
Using ADAPT-Floor Pro, Emphasis on Torsion


TN276 – Beam Modeling in
ADAPT-Floor Pro


TN290 – Addendum – Application of
Vibration-Specific Analytical Tools


TN303 – Deflection Check of PT
Floor Systems


TN307 – Design of Floor Systems
Consisting of Beams and Slabs


TN320 – Twisting Moment and Shear
on Design Sections


TN331 – ACI 318-08 Code Requirements
for Design of Concrete Floor Systems


TN340 – Design Example of PT
One-Way Slab with Parallel Beams


TN349 – Determination of Cracking
Moment in ADAPT Software


TN357 – Design of Non-Prestressed Members
of Structures that Include Prestressing Elements


TN388 – Vibration Evaluation of Floor
Systems for Footfall ADAPT-Floor Pro


TN409 – Vibration Evaluation of a
Parking Structure


TN463 – Temperature Design of
Post-Tensioned Floors


Design of Concrete Floors


Guidelines for Meshing and
FEM Analysis


Prestressing Losses and


Structural Modeling and Analysis
of Concrete Floor Slabs


Unified Minimum Flexural
Reinforcement Requirements


TN118A – Modeling Two-Way PT
Slabs Over Interior Wall Supports


TN178 – Strain Compatability for
Design of Prestressed Sections


TN180 – Stress Check and Rebar
Verification (US)


TN185 – Releases and Restraints


TN205 – Punching Shear Reinforcement
To Compensate for Slab Openings


TN214 – Canadian Code Implementation


TN223 – Post-Tensioning Tendons that
Harm the Structure’s Performance


TN230 – Design Steps Using
ADAPT-Floor Pro


TN241 – Shortening Calculation
of PT Floor Systems


TN246 – Getting Started with an
Autocad (DWG) Drawing


TN259 – Hong Kong Code Implementation
(COP HK 2004 with June 2007 Amendments)


TN270 – Multi-Level Soil Modeling
for SOG and MAT Foundations


TN285 – Analysis Tools for
Thick Concrete Slabs


TN292 – Deflection of Concrete
Floor Systems for Serviceability


TN304 – Design for Torsion in
ADAPT-Floor Pro


TN315 – Safety Considerations in
Design when Using Finite Elements


TN326 – Minimum Precompression in
Post-Tensioned Members


TN336 – Design of Floor Systems
for Seismic Forces


TN342 – Design Example of PT
Flat Slab with Drop Caps


TN351 – Calculation of Cracked
Deflection in ADAPT Software


TN361 – Basics of Long-Term


TN392 – Assignment of Boundary
Stiffness Modifiers in ADAPT-Floor Pro


TN420 – Velocity Computation
from Floor Vibration


TN421 – Significance of Allowable Stresses in Prestressed Concrete


TN434 – A Brief Dialog on Wood-Armer and Twisting Moments in Floor Slab Designbr>


TN443 – Load Combinations for Post-Tensioned Mat Slabs


TN463 – Temperature Design of Post-Tensioned Floors


TN465 – EC2 Serviceability Checks of Post-Tensioned Elements


TN469 – Diaphragm Design of Floor Slabs for Earthquake Forces


TN477 – Stress Check of Post-Tensioned Floors Using European Code EC2


TN480 – Approximate Modeling ofRamps for Design


TN500 – Comparison of Multistory Wall Results between ADAPT-Edge and Etabs


TN420 – Velocity Computation
from Floor Vibration


TN501 – Numerical Example for Load Balancing Results in ADAPT-Floor Pro 2016