Known Bugs & Limitations ABI

[7/29/10] Stress Contours when Temperature Loading is present
If a model contains temperature loading and reinforcing ratio is set to a non-zero value, the stress contours and results are incorrect for temperature loads.  To correct this, under MATERIAL>Mild Steel, you need to set the reinforcement ratio to zero.

[7/8/10] Moving Load Envelopes
If any load combination/envelope includes a load comb/envelope that is written in the INP or MOV file after the first load combination/envelope, the program gives error message.  For example:

Once “Execute moving load” is activated the program performs a validation of the MOV file and reads the file line-by-line.

The first load combination includes a component called “TRUCK,” which is an envelope defined later in the MOV file.  The workaround for this issue is to modify the MOV file manually and write ENVELOPE before combinations.

H1 ,H2, H3, H4
COMBINATIONS Combination_1


[4/26/10] Calculation of Modulus of Elasticity for AASHTO 2007 (FIXED IN ABI 2009 BUILD 4)
For AASHTO 07 the program doesn’t consider user input for unit weight of concrete for calculation of modulus of elasticity.  The program is always using the default value.  As a workaround the user must overwrite this value (concrete unit weight) by manually modifying the INP file.  Go to PROCESS>Edit Input Data>Edit Input Data and add “W” in “Concrete Parameters” along with its value as shown below:

1 M=AASHT07 A=4.00 B=0.85 HM=70.00\
VS=1.500 T0=7.0
2 M=ACI A=4.000000 B=0.850000 C=1.250000 D=0.118000\
E=1.000000 F=35.00000000 T0=7.00000000 W=0.08680398 ;W is used for calculating modulus of elasticity

Unit weight, W, should be entered in appropriate units:

For US units [lb/in3]
For SI units [kg/mm3]
For MKS units [kg/cm3]

[1/26/10] Traveler movement for balanced-cantilever models don’t appear correct in developed view (Will be fixed for ABI 2011 release)
When the traveler schedule is input and reviewed graphically in the developed view, the location of traveler is not correct for all stages.  To see the correct traveler movement, execute the analysis and review the graphical results in Results Viewer.  This issue has been reported to our development team for future repair.