New ADAPT documentation

ADAPT-Builder and ADAPT-PT/RC 2016 documentation has been added to the “Documentation”  section for each program page.  Also, new technical notes have been added.  These include:

TN421 – Allowable Stresses in Concrete Design

TN434 – Twisting Moments and Wood-Armer Dialog

TN443 – Load Combinations for Post-Tensioned Mat Slabs

TN463 – Design for Temperature Effects in Concrete Slabs

TN465 – EC2 Serviceability Check

TN469 – Diaphragm Design

TN477 – EC2 Allowable Design Stresses

TN480 – Approximate Ramp Slab Modeling

TN500 – Comparison of Wall Results between ADAPT-Edge and Etabs

TN501 – Balanced Loading in ADAPT-Builder