Exciting new things happening for 2012 with ADAPT software!

Happy New Year!  We are excited to begin 2012 with the upcoming release of ADAPT-PT 2012, Builder 2012 and Edge.  These products will allow you to more efficiently streamline your design process and expand the modeling, analysis and design capabilities that ADAPT software offers. 

The official beta testing project for ADAPT-PT 2012 will commence 1/9/2012.  Our support staff will distribute the necessary download, installation and beta testing instructions to those participating.  If you are active on support and/or maintenance with ADAPT and wish to enroll in this project, please contact support@adaptsoft.com

ADAPT-Edge is nearing development and internal testing completion and will be ready for beta distribution in February.  This product will allow for swift modeling or third-party integration and lead to complete analysis and design of multi-story concrete structures.  If you are interested in participating in this beta project, please contact us. 


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