Upgrades to Builder, RC and PT 2010

IMPORTANT:  If you are currently involved in the process to upgrade to Builder, RC or PT 2010 from older versions, you were likely sent an PDF document containing instructions to do so.  In Step 4 of those instructions, the user is instructed to download and install the ADAPT-RUS module in order to extract the .c2v file necessary for the upgrade.  Users may already have this tool located in their ADAPT program files directory, however, IT IS CRITICAL FOR THE USER TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST ADAPT-RUS (MARCH, 2011) AND EXTRACT THE .C2V FILE FROM THIS VERSION.  Not doing so may results in unwanted update problems and a lengthy resolution process. 

If you have received a .exe file back from ADAPT Upgrades and receive an error message which reads, “HASP Update Failed: HASP SL secure storage I/O error or USB request error,” our upgrade team will work with you to resolve the problem.  In so doing, an alternate set of instructions and reformat file will be sent to you.  As part of this, you will be instructed to extract the .c2v file and send this to us.  The latest link for the ADAPT-RUS will also be given.  YOU MUST USE THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE LATEST ADAPT-RUS IN ORDER TO EXTRACT A WORKABLE .C2V FILE.  USING THE OLD VERSION OF THIS TOOL WILL RESULT IN ADDITIONAL ERRORS AND DELAY THE UPGRADE PROCESS. 

Please follow the directions precisely that are sent to you by our ADAPT upgrade team.

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