FAQ added for ADAPT-Floor Pro 2009/2010

What is the proper way to model a drop cap/panel at a corner of slab?  If the drop cap/panel extends beyond the slab edge, will it be considered properly in the Punching Shear check?
The program will correctly check the punching shear for either scenario (see image below) inside the drop panel/cap depth, however the check outside the face of the slab is checked differently in each case.  Outside the slab, for the condition where the cap/panel is centered on the column and extends outside the slab on two sides, the program uses the entire drop width in determining the critical sections (b1 and b2).  This results in allowable concrete shear stress values that are greater than actual.  In the second case, the program uses the entire drop width also, but the width is reduced to only account for that portion inside the slab boundary.  This is the proper way to model the condition.  The same can be applied to “End” and “Edge” conditions. 
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