FAQ added for ADAPT-Floor Pro

How does ADAPT-Floor Pro 2009/2010 treat openings near columns with respect to punching (two-way) shear?
The program makes a check of two lines or “sections” which extend from the column centroid in each direction a distance c/2 + 4h; where c = the column dimension in the direction of section and h = the slab thickness.  If the line is intersected by any opening, the program categorizes the opening as an “End” or “Edge” condition depending on the axis of bending.  Where openings occur on two sides and intersect the line, the column is categorized as a “Corner” condition.  The concrete located between the face of column and opening edge is discounted in the calculation of allowable concrete shear strength. The following is a sketch of each condition.

ADAPT-Floor Pro 2009/2010 P.S. classifications

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