FAQ added for ADAPT-PT

Why don’t the deflections in the graphical report match those in the tabular report?

The difference between the tabular and graphical report for deflection in ADAPT-PT is due to the creep factor used for the long-term deflection.  The total deflection in the tabular report indicates long-term deflection and will be calculated by:

 Total = (SW+SDL+PT)*(1+C.F.) + LL + XL

The results shown graphically do not include the creep factor and would be calculated by:

Service (Max) = SW+SDL+PT+LL MAX+XL
Service (Min) = SW+SDL+PT+LL MIN+XL

 The individual deflections in the cases above can be taken from each individual deflection graph.  These are the same values if you take successive load stages in the tabular report and subtract one from the other.  For example, to extract the SDL deflection from the report you would take:

(SW+PT+SDL) – (SW+PT) = SDL deflection. 
This is what is reported on the graph for individual deflection results. 

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