ADAPT Video Tutorial Library

A link has been added to the page giving access to the video tutorial library. This library is kept current and includes short and long videos related to software modeling in PT, RC, Floor Pro, MAT, SOG and ABI. The link is located at the right-hand column on the main blog page.

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New documentation added

The following documents have been added to their specific product pages:

ADAPT-Floor Pro 2010 User Manual

ADAPT-Modeler 2010 User Manual

ADAPT-Floor Pro 2010, ADAPT-MAT 2010, ADAPT-SOG 2010, ADAPT-RC 2010 and ADAPT-PT 2010 Release Notes

ADAPT-Builder 2010 released

We are pleased to announce that ADAPT will begin the formal release of Builder 2010 including Floor Pro 2010 Build 0, MAT 2010 Build 0 and SOG 2010 Build 0.  We will begin distributing the products to clients with active support or maintenance contracts at the end of this week.  You should receive an email with upgrade information within the next few weeks.  If you would like to receive the upgrade sooner, please contact us at  

In the event that your support or maintenance contract has expired, please contact us and we can prepare for you a quote to upgrade to the latest version.

Some new features include:

– Vibration analysis for uncracked and cracked slabs

– Mesh generation using exclusion/inclusion of user-defined boundary.  This will be mainly for executing vibration for a specific region of a slab.

– Long-term deflection template included in load  combination definition.

– Tendon trim tool allowing automated trimming of tendons.

– Punching shear improvements to EC2, BS8110 and Hong Kong codes.  The program will now consider the bonded reinforcement and precompression in determining the allowable stress.

– Design according to allowable crack width input and reporting of crack widths.

– Addition of Chinese Code.

– Multiple maintenance issues resolved including bugs and known limitations.  These can be viewed in the Builder log file, “LOG_BUILDER.TXT”

Tutorial Video Added for ADAPT-Floor Pro

A new tutorial video has been added for ADAPT-Floor Pro 2009/2010.  The video shows how to add point springs to the base of a column in lieu of a rigid point support.  This might be applicable in a model representing a mat slab or pile-cap supported by driven piles or caissons. 

ADAPT-Floor Pro 2009/2010 Column Spring Input (rename file extension to .wmv after saving)

FAQ added for ADAPT-PT

Why don’t the deflections in the graphical report match those in the tabular report?

The difference between the tabular and graphical report for deflection in ADAPT-PT is due to the creep factor used for the long-term deflection.  The total deflection in the tabular report indicates long-term deflection and will be calculated by:

 Total = (SW+SDL+PT)*(1+C.F.) + LL + XL

The results shown graphically do not include the creep factor and would be calculated by:

Service (Max) = SW+SDL+PT+LL MAX+XL
Service (Min) = SW+SDL+PT+LL MIN+XL

 The individual deflections in the cases above can be taken from each individual deflection graph.  These are the same values if you take successive load stages in the tabular report and subtract one from the other.  For example, to extract the SDL deflection from the report you would take:

(SW+PT+SDL) – (SW+PT) = SDL deflection. 
This is what is reported on the graph for individual deflection results. 

Technical Note added for ADAPT-ABI

A new technical note has been added for ADAPT-ABI.  The document is titled, “Comments on Computation of Torsion in ADAPT-ABI,” and describes the simplified method and background by which ABI determines torsion for horizontal (in-plane) curvature of bridge structures.  The narrative also contains a description of the determination of demand moment and torsion for a curved structure.  The theory, as developed by Witecki, is referenced in the appendix with a full-length example.