FAQ’s added for Floor Pro and PT

[ADAPT-Floor Pro] When using the EC2 code in ADAPT-Floor Pro 2009, the punching shear reinforcement appears to be excessive when compared with other third-party software, why is this?
There are a couple of reasons the results in ADAPT-Floor Pro may differ, specifically to the EC2 code.  These are:  (1) The program categorizes columns per ACI classifications.  That is, the column will be categorized as an interior, edge, end or corner condition.  For edge, end and corner conditions, the program will conservatively take the slab dimension to the column face rather than some overhanging slab edge for the determination of the critical area for punching.  Note that ACI 318 is ONLY used to classify a column and is not used in any other punching shear calculation with respect to the EC2 code,  nor is it used in determining critical sections. (2) The program does not include the contribution of precompression or longitudinal reinforcement in determing the punching shear resistance of a slab. 

NOTE:  ADAPT-Floor Pro 2010 has been improved to include the contribution of precompression and longitudinal reinforcement for punching shear resistance so long as the user designs design sections prior to running the punching shear check. 

[ADAPT-PT] Why don’t the stresses (Left/Center/Right) in the Recycler match the stresses in the tabular output?
The stress values reported in the Recycler Window are the maximum (tension or compression) values within the given location of the each span.  The values in the tabular report are those exactly at the supports and mid-span regardless of whether they are the worst-case or not. 


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