ADAPT-Builder 2010 Beta

ADAPT will be formally releasing the 2010 beta version at the end of this week.  We will begin beta testing next Monday (August 9, 2010).  If you are a current support subscriber and would like to beta test ADAPT-Builder 2010, please let us know at

Some new features include:

– Vibration analysis for uncracked and cracked slabs

– Mesh generation using exclusion/inclusion of user-defined boundary.  This will be mainly for executing vibration for a specific region of a slab.

– Long-term deflection template included in load  combination definition.

– Tendon trim tool allowing automated trimming of tendons.

– Punching shear improvements to EC2, BS8110 and Hong Kong codes.  The program will now consider the bonded reinforcement and precompression in determining the allowable stress.

– Design according to allowable crack width input and reporting of crack widths.

– Addition of Chinese Code.

– Multiple maintenance issues resolved including bugs and known limitations.  These can be viewed in the Builder log file, “LOG_BUILDER.TXT”

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