FAQ’s added for ADAPT-RC 5 and RC 2010

How does ADAPT-RC determine unbalanced moments in Report Section 16?   
The unbalanced moments reported in block 16 are the moments required to maintain equilibrium or balance a joint.  The unbalanced portion is then transferred to columns.  If a slab or beam includes the skipping of Live Load, the program will report the Max/Min Live Load in Section 5 of the report.  The unbalanced moments in Section 16 are calculated from these Max/Min values.  Note that another skip pattern and those joint moments associated with a specific pattern may result in a higher unbalanced moment, which may not be reflected in Section 16.  This is currently under review for improvement. 

Why don’t my unbalanced moments at a joint equal the column moments for the same load case?   
If a user opts to skip the live load, the program will determine the worst-case unbalanced moment that is distributed to columns from the controlling skip pattern.  If the LL application includes some load factor like 0.75, the unbalanced column moments are ratioed such that they reflect a load factor of 1.0.

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