FAQ’s added for ADAPT-RC 5 and RC 2010

How does ADAPT-RC determine unbalanced moments in Report Section 16?   
The unbalanced moments reported in block 16 are the moments required to maintain equilibrium or balance a joint.  The unbalanced portion is then transferred to columns.  If a slab or beam includes the skipping of Live Load, the program will report the Max/Min Live Load in Section 5 of the report.  The unbalanced moments in Section 16 are calculated from these Max/Min values.  Note that another skip pattern and those joint moments associated with a specific pattern may result in a higher unbalanced moment, which may not be reflected in Section 16.  This is currently under review for improvement. 

Why don’t my unbalanced moments at a joint equal the column moments for the same load case?   
If a user opts to skip the live load, the program will determine the worst-case unbalanced moment that is distributed to columns from the controlling skip pattern.  If the LL application includes some load factor like 0.75, the unbalanced column moments are ratioed such that they reflect a load factor of 1.0.

FAQ added for ADAPT-Floor Pro & MAT

What reference plane is mesh reinforcement defined by?
Mesh reinforcement is always defined by the reference plane where there is *zero* offset.  If you have a slab with a vertical offset, positive or negative, then the cover values in the mesh properties can be adjusted to locate the mesh in the correct elevation. 

Bug added for Floor Pro 2009

[7/22/2010] Allowable Stress Envelope in Floor Pro 2009
When ACI318-08 is selected as the building code, the allowable stress envelope (gray shading) is not shown in the detailed stress diagrams for the Total Service condition.  This has been repaired for Builder 2010.

FAQ added for ADAPT-PT 2010

Does ADAPT-PT 2010/v8 check punching shear at columns when a two-way slab includes transverse beams?
Yes, ADAPT-PT considers transverse beams similar to drop panels and drop caps.  If the transverse beam does not meet the necessary code-stipulated geometry requirements, the punching shear check will be carried out with respect to the slab geometry.  In reality, punching shear of columns that are in the vicinity of transverse beams are not typically a design consideration.  Our recommendation would be to simply disregard the output in these circumstances.  Note that ADAPT-Floor Pro does not check punching when a beam is connected to a column.