Key update procedure for 2010 products

I’m sure over the years of your use of ADAPT products, you have become accustomed to how we update license keys for our products.  We understand this can sometimes become a frustrating and tedious procedure.  Luckily, the future of ADAPT upgrading will be less time-consuming and the applications you are required to use to extract HASP key files will be much more user-friendly. 

We are currently in the process of updating active support clients from ADAPT-PT8 to ADAPT-PT 2010.  ADAPT-RC 2010 has been completed and we are now compiling marketing and training material for this product.  The “official” release will happen during July.  For both upgrades, you will be required to extract a .dat and .c2v file for updating your key.  The instructions sent to clients via email contain a step-by-step procedure for doing this.  In the event the instructions are not clear, I have posted this short video which explains the procedure for both. Enjoy!

ADAPT 2010 Product Key Update Procedure

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