FAQ added for ADAPT-PT 2010

When I open a file in PT 2010 that was created in PT7 or PT8 and select to review results like moments, shears or Report Setup, I receive the error “No results available.  Please execute analysis first.”  Why am I receiving this error?

ADAPT-PT 2010 has a different file structure than the two previous versions.  When a .adb file is opened in PT 2010, the program will automatically create a sub-folder titled the same name as the file.  This sub-folder contains all intermediate files.  

If you open a file created in PT8, the program looks for files in a location where they are not found due to the file structure for PT8.  To overcome this you must do one of the following:

1. Rerun the analysis and the program will create new intermediate files.
2.  Open the .adb file in PT 2010 and then move all intermediate files from the PT8 run into the new folder created for PT 2010.

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