ADAPT-PT 2010 installation problems

We have received a few comments from users who have upgraded to PT 2010 about not being able to run the software due to a “No License Found” warning upon opening the program.  After you have gone through the key update process and need to install the program, please DO NOT exit the installation setup window that prompts you to select “Finish” until the HASP SRM drivers are finished being installed.  When the HASP drivers begin installing, a small box should appear behind the main installation wizard window.  If you do exit the main installation prior to this, the driver install is aborted. 

In the case you receive the “No License Found” message, go to and select the “HASP HL Device Driver” link.  Download the file “,” extract and run the .exe file.  This will correctly install the drivers and the program will operate successfully.

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