Known limitation added for PT 2010

[5/20/2010] Calculation of reinforcement when initial tensile stresses are exceeded (this is a known limitation, not a bug)
At each design section for each span the program calculates stresses, tensile and compressive, for the initial condition, as specified by the user.  This is typically 1.0*SW + 1.15*PT.  If the stresses at a section exceed the allowable for tension AND compression, the program WILL NOT calculate the required reinforcement for the tensile overstress. 

It is the responsibility of the user to check the initial stress values in the recycler screen and determine if a compressive overstress occurs.  If so, the initial concrete strength, f’ci should be increased or some other measure should be taken to acheive an acceptable solution.  Once the stress is below the allowable for compression, the program will report the reinforcement if tensile ovestress still occurs at the same section.

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