FAQ added for ADAPT-Floor Pro

How does Floor Pro determine effective depth for two-way slabs in each direction?
When a support line is tagged as “Two-way Slab” the program determines the CGS as follows:

For Top and Bottom bars at outer layer: Cover (as defined in Criteria) + 1/2* outer bar diameter

For Top and Bottom bars at inner layer:  Cover (as defined in Criteria) + outer bar diameter + 1/2 inner bar diameter bar

If you double-click on any support line and go to the “Design” tab you have the option (for two-way slab designated support lines) to define the design based on outer layer or inner layer for top and bottom bars.  By default all support lines in the X and Y directions are designated as “outer layer” for top and bottom.  Our recommendation is to define X direction as “outer layer” and change Y direction to “inner layer” to account for the different depths in analysis. 

Note: Inner and outer bar diameters are the same for top or bottom

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