Bug added for ADAPT-PT

[5/7/2010] Graphical Anomoly for One-Way and Two-Way Slabs when Rh is set as greater/lesser than “0”
This bug is related to PT8.00.5 and PT2010.  When the reference height, Rh, is set as some value less than or greater than zero (default value) and transverse beams, drop panels or drop caps are modeled, the graphical representation of the slab and initial control points in the Recycler screen appear incorrect.  As a workaround, exit the Recycler screen and open the geometry input for transverse beams or drops and re-analyze.  The program will correct itself and the correct graphical view and control points will appear in the Recycler screen.  We are aware of this bug and will resolve the issue for Build 1 of PT 2010.

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