ADAPT-Builder 2011 preview

Each day I have the opportunity to work with clients who are utilizing ADAPT software for a variety of project types.  It is always interesting to learn more about these projects and what software is being used for certain tasks.  Some find our 2D solutions, ADAPT-PT and RC, as viable alternatives to the FEM approach.  Others prefer to use our FEM software, ADAPT-Floor Pro, for more complex designs requiring this type of analysis. 

Our support and development teams are always interested in feedback from clients.  What would make the software more user-friendly?  What improvements and features would you like to see?  How can ADAPT software evolve to make your workflow more efficient from project conception to final design drawings?  These and other questions are constantly at the forefront of our development process. 

With respect to our FEM solution, ADAPT-Builder, we are making some exciting advancements in where the software is heading.  The two major enhancements we are currently heavily involved in are construction phasing and multistory design. 

Construction Staging will include the addition of an Event Manager, allowing the user to define construction steps where components (i.e. columns, slabs, beams, tendons, etc.) can be installed or removed at stages.  A solution can be obtained and reported for any stage.  This will allow for the modeling of multiple slab pours, staged stressing, upper column installation, etc.  The user will have the option of running the program in regular mode, where all components are assumed to be installed instantaneously or running the program in phasing mode. 

Multi-story will include the addition of tools enabling the user to build multi-level models, where slab designs of similar floors can be carried out, column load takedown and designs can be performed, transfer beams/girders more easily designed and ultimately a full gravity and lateral analysis can be carried out with one packaged solution.  The ADAPT-Revit Link will be updated to be compatible with Builder 2011.  This will allow the user to export/import from Revit to ADAPT, full 3D models.  Below are a few screenshots of what we are working on!  We are very excited to complete the first build including these enhancements. 

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