Bug added for ADAPT-ABI with workaround

[4/26/10] Calculation of Modulus of Elasticity for AASHTO 2007
For AASHTO 07 the program doesn’t consider user input for unit weight of concrete for calculation of modulus of elasticity.  The program is always using the default value.  As a workaround the user must overwrite this value (concrete unit weight) by manually modifying the INP file.  Go to PROCESS>Edit Input Data>Edit Input Data and modify the following line under “CONCRETE PARAMETERS”:

1 M=AASHT07 A=4.00 B=0.85 HM=70.00\
VS=1.500 T0=7.0
2 M=ACI A=4.000000 B=0.850000 C=1.250000 D=0.118000\
E=1.000000 F=35.00000000 T0=7.00000000 W=0.08680398 ;W is used for calculating modulus of elasticity

Written MAT tutorial added to Floor Pro/MAT page

A new written MAT tutorial and associated example model has been added to the Floor Pro/MAT page.  This tutorial is a project example with use of ADAPT-MAT for a conventionally-reinforced mat foundation slab in US units.  We are also producing step-by-step tutorials for ADAPT-MAT with SI, MKS and US units.  These will be available in 2 weeks time.