Bug added for ADAPT-Floor Pro

[3/19/2010] Floor Pro crashes when pre-prepared details are inserted in model window
When a pre-prepared detail is selected and inserted from the “Rebar” Toolbar, the program crashes.  This is a known bug and has been reported to our development team for resolution.  A workaround is to import the detail from the FILE>Import>dwg/dxf command.  All prepared details are located in the program files directory.  They are as follows:

Adpt918 – Punching Shear Reinforcement Arrangement Shear Studs
Adpt919 – Punching Shear Reinforcement Arrangement Stirrups
ADPT931 – Typical Details of Continuous Spans
ADPT932 – Simply Supported Beam
ADPT933 – Typical Beam Section

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