FAQ added for ADAPT-IC

The following are general guidelines for exporting models from ETABS to ADAPT-Floor Pro using the Integration Console

  • Builder only imports loads that are assigned “STATIC” condition in ETABS.  Non-“STATIC” loads (i.e. those generated by response spectrum analysis) are generally not valid for combination with gravity design of floor systems.  See TN336 – Design of Floor System for Seismic Forces.
  • Group intersecting walls as different pier labels.  Define each wall panel as a separate pier.
  • Do not assign pier label to columns.
  • User-defined name of any element in ETABS should have less than 11 characters and shouldn’t include a space ( ). 
  •  Model walls with no openings.
  • For units, use “KN” and “m” instead “N” and “mm” to avoid overlapping of numbers in ETABS output files.
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