New FAQ added for ADAPT-Floor Pro

How do I include pattern loads in load combinations?
Skipped live load patterns and envelopes (max and min) in and of themselves cannot be factored unless they are (a) added to an existing load combination or, (b) added to a new load combination created by copying and modifying an existing combination.  If you select the patterns individually you can only change the Analysis/Design Options to Strength, etc. Once you have changed this setting (after highlighting the specific pattern) select “Save” and the design option should change and remain.

To illustrate this, see the examples below.

1. Adding a pattern to an existing load combination

        a. Select “Total Load”
        b. From the “Load Cases” pull-down menu select the pattern or envelope you wish to include.
        c. Set the load factor
        d. Under the “Combination Parts” box, select “Add” or “Update” if the pattern is replacing the Live Load component.
        e. Beneath the combinations list, press “Save” and the combination is updated.

2. Creating a new combination from an existing

        a. Select any existing load combination.
        b. Make changes to the combination parts.  This can include patterns or envelopes.
        c. Change the combination Label and press “Save.”  The combination will be added to the list.

3. Creating a combination for a pattern with a load factor greater than 1.0

        a. Select any pre-defined load combination.
        b. In the combination parts, add a pattern with the load factor
        c. Delete all other components
        d. Rename the combination and press “Save”

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