New FAQ’s added

Why are the % Dead Load Balanced values not equal for symmetric spans?
ADAPT-Floor Pro does not use equivalent loads when determining balanced dead loading percentage as is the case for ADAPT-PT and other commerical design programs.  The vertical force component, due to prestressing at each cell node and tributary to the the span in question, is determined and compared to that from self-weight and dead load.  If the finite element mesh is “sparse” and non-uniform, the % reported will be slightly different.  Note: Floor Pro reports % balanced dead load as a function of self-weight plus superimposed dead load. 

Why are my design stresses shown Green when overstressed areas are present when viewing BuilderSum?
If the design of sections is executed prior to tendons being input in the model, the program sets the default view to enveloped bending moments.  This is not reset after tendons are added.  You can change the view from the Result Display Settings in the Support Line Results toolbar.  If you design the sections after tendons have been input, the default view will be Service (Total) Load.

Does Floor Pro show stresses in ADViewer in RC-only mode? 
No, but there is a “trick” to do this.  If you use the RC&PT mode and include at least one tendon in the model, you can view stresses in ADViewer. 

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