New bugs/limitations added to ADAPT-PT

[2/1/2010] Deflections of One-Way Slabs with Transverse Beams
When transverse beams are used as the supports for one-way slabs, the deflection output is incorrect.  A workaround is to use pin supports in lieu of transverse beams.  This issue has been resolved for the upcoming release of PT2010. 

[2/1/2010] Windows 7 compatibility
ADAPT R&D is currently in the process of testing all products with Windows 7.  ADAPT-PT is not guaranteed to be compatible with Windows 7 at this time.  However, client feedback has suggested that PT8 works fine with Windows7 on 32-bit systems and the only issue with 64-by systems is the Report Generator.

[2/1/2010] Report Generator compatibility with 64-bit systems
Report Generator is not compatible with PT8 or earlier versions on 64-bit systems.  This issue has been resolved and will be included in the next release for PT2010. 

[2/1/2010] Tendon B not activating
When data for Tendon B is input in the RECYCLER screen the graphical view will show a straight tendon with no profile and the output will not include the affect of Tendon B. As a workaround, in the TENDON PROFILE input box where the inflection points are set, simply click on the “Tendon B” tab and continue with the input. This will activate the tendon. This has been repaired for the next release.

[2/1/10] Anchorage of tendons B and C
If the anchorage tendons B and C are located away from the centroid of section, the balanced loading for the tendons is not correct.  As a workaround, anchor the tendons at the centroid.  This has been repaired for the upcoming release.

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