New FAQ added for ADAPT-Floor Pro

How do I include pattern loads in load combinations?
Skipped live load patterns and envelopes (max and min) in and of themselves cannot be factored unless they are (a) added to an existing load combination or, (b) added to a new load combination created by copying and modifying an existing combination.  If you select the patterns individually you can only change the Analysis/Design Options to Strength, etc. Once you have changed this setting (after highlighting the specific pattern) select “Save” and the design option should change and remain.

To illustrate this, see the examples below.

1. Adding a pattern to an existing load combination

        a. Select “Total Load”
        b. From the “Load Cases” pull-down menu select the pattern or envelope you wish to include.
        c. Set the load factor
        d. Under the “Combination Parts” box, select “Add” or “Update” if the pattern is replacing the Live Load component.
        e. Beneath the combinations list, press “Save” and the combination is updated.

2. Creating a new combination from an existing

        a. Select any existing load combination.
        b. Make changes to the combination parts.  This can include patterns or envelopes.
        c. Change the combination Label and press “Save.”  The combination will be added to the list.

3. Creating a combination for a pattern with a load factor greater than 1.0

        a. Select any pre-defined load combination.
        b. In the combination parts, add a pattern with the load factor
        c. Delete all other components
        d. Rename the combination and press “Save”

New short video tutorials added for ADAPT-Floor Pro & MAT

How to View Design Moments for the Wood-Armer Method in ADAPT-Floor Pro (rename file extension to .wmv after saving)

How to change units in ADViewer (FEM-View Results) for ADAPT-Floor Pro (rename file extension to .wmv after saving)

Including Pattern Loads in Load Combinations for ADAPT-Floor Pro (rename file extension to .wmv after saving)

ADAPT-Floor Pro FAQ added

Does ADAPT-Floor Pro design for torsion?
ADAPT-Floor Pro reports torsion and twisting moments (Mxy).  The user has the option of designing for Mxy based on the Wood-Armer Method.  This is an option in the Criteria-General-Analysis/Design Options input screen.  If this option is not selected, twisting moments are not accounted for in the general design of Floor Pro and must be carried out manually if a user wished to design for such actions. 

Upcoming ADAPT-Builder 2010 release

Our Research & Development team is currently working on final improvements and features for the upcoming release of ADAPT-Builder 2010. The release date is undetermined at this time, but should be within the next 2-3 months.

The following are features that will be included in the next version:

– Vibration analysis
– Hong Kong Code
– Long-term deflection analysis
– Crack width reporting
– Isolate region option – allows you to isolate part of a slab for meshing and analysis.
– Minor improvements and bug fixes

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Upcoming ADAPT-PT v2010 release

I am happy to inform you that we are currently involved in client beta testing of ADAPT-PT v2010.  We have received positive feeback on the new version and will begin the commercial release for all active maintenance and support clients at the end of February.  Keep in mind that this is a “rolling” process and as we have done with other releases, Platinum and Gold Support clients will be upgraded first followed by clients with Maintenance-only contracts. 

Upgrading to this release will also require that your key be reprogrammed or completely updated (you may need a new key).  When we begin the release process you will be sent instructions on how to update the key.

Some of the key features and modifications made are:

-New design codes including:  Hong Kong-COP (2007), Chinese GB (2002) and ACI 318-08 (IBC 2009).
-The program is 32 and 64-bit compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7.
-The default file structure has been changed to include the .adb file and a program name subfolder including all intermediate files.
-The program now reports material quantities for take-offs, etc.
-The program now reports moment capacities both in tabular and graphical formats.
-The program was improved in its calculation of cracked deflections.
-Multiple maitenance improvements/fixes are included. These can be found in the PT log file.

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FAQ added to ADAPT-Floor Pro

Does Floor Pro consider effective width when beams are integral with slabs? 
No, the concept of “effective flange” is not necessarily applicable to FEM-based solutions.  The effective width concept was introduced to equate the maximum stress from simple beam theory to that of an elastic solution recognizing plate action of the flange.  Floor Pro considers the true composite action between beam and slab/flange and is inherent in its solution.  Technical Notes #228 and 276 provide additional detail.

New ADAPT-PT limitation added and change made to ADAPT-Floor Pro limitation

[2/12/2010] Shear Reinforcement for ‘I’ sections
 When ‘I’ sections are used, the top flange width must be greater than the stem width for the shear reinforcement calculations to be initiated.

 [1/20/10] Only one “Cracked Deflection” combination can be considered at a time
When the analysis/design option “Cracked Deflection” is considered in a Floor Pro model, this is only valid for one combination at a time for PT slabs.  Conventionally-reinforced slabs modeled in Floor Pro can have multiple cracked deflection combinations.  This is a limitation in the program.  We are working on implementing an automatic long-term deflection feature which will improve this functionality.