Knowledge Base

These pages were created to provide clients and those interested in post-tensioned and mild-reinforced concrete design with useful and current technical information related to ADAPT software products and concrete design in general.  We want to share our knowledge and what we’ve learned in mild-reinforced and post-tensioned structural concrete design. These pages will be updated regularly with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), technical literature, known software limitations, bugs and example models.

Our Client Services and Development teams are always interested in customer feedback so that we can properly address future updates and additional features to be included in the software. This feedback is critical in making the functionality and usage of the software more efficient and powerful.

We are constantly trying to improve our software through periodic maintenance updates and general upgrades. Please visit our website if you are unsure about the latest versions of any software product.  If you have a comment, would like to share an experience, or have a technical support matter please contact us using the field below!


ADAPT Global Support Team